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YRNF Bylaws Amendment:
Regional Vice Chair Elections

The Young Republicans of Vermont is spearheading an attempt to make an amendment to the YRNF Bylaws. 


In this effort, as coauthors or cosponsors of this amendment, Vermont is joined by many states, including, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and many others.  

The amendment seeks to change the process for electing the YRNF Regional Vice Chairs.  Under the current rules, the Vice Chairs are elected by the delegates from each state.  So, California votes for Vermont's regional representation.  This issue is further exacerbated by the disparities of how states are allocated delegates. 


Blue states like Vermont, or states with low population, have the smallest delegate count.  The Northeast Region is comprised mainly of these states with low delegate counts and is overruled by other regions with higher counts.  In other words, the Northeast Region does not have a strong say in its representation.  

Our amendment would change the election process to elect the Regional Vice Chairs solely from within their respective regions.  

UPDATE: The National Administration is blocking this attempt, and our amendment has been sent to committee in order to kill it.  

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