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We Are The Vermont Young Republicans
We Are The Fourteenth Star

Our Mission Statement

"To empower a community of young Vermonters to step up as strong leaders and lead an action-based approach to preserve the classically liberal values of Vermont."

As the Vermont state federation of the Young Republican National Federation, we serve to connect and organize Vermont's youth (ages 18-40) across the great state of Vermont and across the country.  Our goal is to "Recruit, Train, and Elect" young Republicans throughout Vermont and embolden a new generation of leaders.  Faced with Vermont's rapidly aging population, it's time for Vermont's youth to step up.

Republican principles are Vermont principles, and we strive for a Vermont that once again values personal & fiscal responsibility, independence, civic duty, common sense, community service, moral virtue, and the rights enshrined in our national and state constitutions.  

By giving a voice to our young Republicans, there is hope for Vermont's future.  We are the spark that we hope will revitalize Vermont's economy, conserve our environment, revise our social programs, and strengthen traditional Vermont culture.   

Our Leadership Team

Experienced - Dedicated - Passionate

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