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VTYR Spring Fling 2023

The Young Republicans of Vermont hosted the highly anticipated VTYR Spring Fling 2023 on May 27th, and it came as a resounding success on all levels. Not only did we break our previous attendance record, but we also had the pleasure of connecting with over a dozen new YRs

This event marked a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our continuous growth with each event we organize. As always, our passionate kitchen staff went above and beyond, treating our guests to a sizable BBQ buffet, while our decorations set the stage for such a great experience.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly our panel, featuring five distinguished legislators: Rep Joe Parsons, Rep Casey Toof, Rep Gina Galfetti, Rep Patrick Brennan, and Sen Russ Ingalls. Together, they delved into the topic of "Political Apathy: How Do We Connect with Voters When They Don't Care," which struck a chord with many of our attendees. Many of our participants expressed that they frequently encounter voters who profess those same feelings of apathy. Unfortunately, political/legislative alienation is something we’ve also encountered in our canvassing.

Through the panel discussion, a wide variety of ideas were explored, including.

  • Strategies to combat the spread of misinformation about Vermont Republicans and Republicans at large.

  • Ways to change our messaging to remind the public that we are the party of community and togetherness.

  • Strategies to better connect with voters and encourage a focus on local policy.

Being a good politician is second on the list, being a good person is first.

Rep Joe Parsons

"We only have three members in Congress, but there's 180 of us in Montpelier and for the most part, we're the ones that control your taxes."

Rep Patrick Brennan

Be there. Be there in the community and remind people that we care about them and their daily lives.

Rep Joe Parsons

The success of this event serves as a testament to the growing number of Vermonters who yearn for a change and a return to a sense of normalcy. We have discovered that beyond Vermont's college campuses, the majority of young Vermonters see the Vermont Republican Party as the only source of reason and stability in Vermont politics. This is why we have been so successful.

As a youth-focused organization distinct and entirely separate from the VTGOP, we deeply appreciate the support we receive from them. We deeply thank our numerous event sponsors, as with their support and their belief in us, we are able to better equip and train our members and volunteers.

As our numbers continue rapidly swelling, we will continue to “Recruit! Train! & Elect!” YRs across the state to support the state party and to show young Vermonters that it's not a crime to be a Vermont Republican.


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